Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The shoes that dreams are made of

When I saw these shoes, I fell in love instantly. I was quite distraught when I realized they were marked with a size that is well known to be too large for my feet.
How could they?!

Regardless, I claimed them and brought them home.

When I walked through the door, I practically stepped out of the knee high boots I was wearing and slid my feet into my new prize.
They were still too big.

I wore them for nearly half a day...anxiously waiting for them to fit. It can only be described as that hungry time period when you keep opening the fridge, expecting your favorite dish to suddenly appear. I asked my boyfriend a myriad of stupid questions...."Do you think they'd shrink in the washing machine? The dryer? What if I soak them, and put them in the oven."
He chuckled each time and slowly shook his head at me.

I finally gave up and solemnly removed them from my feat. Feeling defeated I placed them throughout the shop and began to photograph them. The more pictures I took, the more my mood lightened realizing someone like you could love them like I do.

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