Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've learned a few things this week.

The first is that our new cat is extremely co-dependent. She was the token cold/wet/shivering/starving stray kitten that every girl tries to bring home. She melted my heart and much to my boyfriend's displeasure, I brought her home. She brings grown men to their knees for belly scratches and face rubs. This little kitten is wonderful.

Her favorite game is hide and go seek. She will get herself "stuck" behind or under something and mew her little head off. If you don't jump up and go 'seek' she will eventually walk out of her hiding spot and whimper a little sound of defeat. She will stare at you with a look of disappointment because you didn't play the game right.
However, if you hear her come-find-me meow and go in search of her...the game is on. Once you find her she'll take off like a bat out of hell and find a new place to hide. She will cry out from her new spot until you find her again.

All of this is great and wonderful, but I fear this co-dependency thing could be a problem in the future. When I go to use the restroom the kitten will stand and the bathroom door crying and scratching at it until I let her in. This tiny little creature has trained me to potty with the door open. If I lived by myself this would not be an issue. But I do not live alone. I have roommates who are sometimes sleeping and may wake up to all the crying/scratching/door opening. This morning there was nearly a disaster. I fear for my dignity.

The other thing I've learned this week?